Club Officers and Committee 2021




Ian Sherfield

Vice President


Chairman and Committee Member

David Atkin

Vice Chairman and Committee Member


Honorary Secretary and Committee Member

Mike Jolliff

Honorary Treasurer and Committee Member

Lin Hayward

Membership Secretary and Committee Member

Ben Sadler

Committee Member  1

Rob Butcher

Committee Member  2

Ian Lockhart

Committee Member  3

Martin Allenden

Committee Member  4

Peter Stone

Committee Member  5

Pete Blackwell

Committee Member  6

Alan Wallington

Committee Member  7

Jim Nolan

Committee Member  8

Sam Keery





Aggregate Recorder

Lin Hayward

Handicaps placings.

Lin Hayward

Organising medals/trophies at AGM

David Atkin

Obtaining medals/listing winners

David Atkin

Archiving shoot logs/recording medal/trophy winners

Alan Wallington/David Atkin

.22 Knockout Competition

Alan Wallington

Social Activities Secretary

Pete Blackwell/Lin Hayward

Club Trophies Officer

Martin Butler

Club Armourer

Alan Foxworthy

Club Calendar

David Atkin

I.W. Sports and Recreation Council Liaison 1 (AGM)


Club Stationery Officer

Alan Wallington

I.W. Target Shooting Association    Liaison 1

David Atkin

I.W. Target Shooting Association    Liaison 2

Frank Jones

S.E. Reserve Forces & Cadets Assoc. (Newtown) Liaison

Mike Jolliff

Rim-Fire Rifle Captain


Rim-Fire Rifle Vice-Captain

Alan Foxworthy

Centre-Fire Rifle Captain

Alan Foxworthy

Centre-Fire Rifle Vice-Captain


Pistol Calibre Rifle Captain

Alan Foxworthy

Pistol Calibre Rifle Vice-Captain


Black-Powder Rifle and Pistol Captain

David Atkin

Black-Powder Rifle and Pistol Vice-Captain

Simon Toogood

Practical Shooting (Including shotgun) Captain

Pete Blackwell

Practical Shooting (Including shotgun) Vice-Captain


Air / CO2 Captain

Pete Blackwell

Air / CO2 Vice Captain


Honorary Auditor

Roy Wade

County Press reports

Sam Keery

Upkeep of club handbook/rule book

Lin Hayward

Target Officer

Lin Hayward with

Ben Sadler